the mysterious case of the pritt stick on the ceiling

On the first floor of Fruit Towers, there’s a Pritt Stick stuck to the ceiling.

Naturally, this leads to a few questions:

1) How did it get there?

2) Who put it there?

3) Why has nobody removed it?

4) Are Pritt Sticks a more powerful force than gravity?

5) Should we really be getting on with our actual work rather than spending several hours worrying about this?

There’s probably a simple explanation for all of this, but at the moment we’re just a bit stuck*. We’re going to investigate further, but in the meantime keep your eyes glued* to the blog for any breaking news.


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Get Sherlock to investigate, you'll be getting back to work and creating fabulous juices in no time :D

leave it for the memories. dont get shurlock!!!!

leave it for the memories. dont get shurlock!!!!

leave it for the memories. dont get shurlock!!!!

leave it for the memories. dont get shurlock!!!!

I think Connor Daniel got a bit stuck to his keyboard there.

I'm sure you'll soon work out who the cul-pritt is.

I'm sure you'll soon work out who the cul-pritt is.

I hope you find the cul-pritt soon...

can we make this thread a sticky?

When I was in Food Tech classes at school, we used to catapult Pritt Sticks to see if we could get them into the microwave across the room...

Lol it was s ghost

Ha ha ha :o)
Might find one of those on the ceiling of my office soon!

Actually it's stuck to the floor and you've all been turned upside down.

We had this same problem at work some years ago, but in our case it was a small purple sticky rubber frog. The frog clung to the ceiling with only one forearm. We made it into the 'Analytical Frogfall Competition' (being an analytical lab), and each bet on the date the frog would fall from the ceiling - prize being a coveted Curly Wurly. Over time gravity began to works it's evil magic and the arm of the frog slowly stretched, until about six months later it did fall......however the hand of the frog stayed up there for over two years longer! Fortunately no one was sat at the desk below so health and safety moment thankfully avoided. I put the frog up there in the place (it was an accident!), and I ate the Curly Wurly because it ended up taking so long and I got hungry one day.
Suggest you do a 'Print Stick Fall' competition and see how long it will last up there. Might need to issue safety helmets however, Pritt Stick being heavier than small sticky rubber frogs. ....

Simple it obviously jumped up there to get away from the advances of the PVA glue who said we should stick together.

the story goes like this....
once upon a time, on a desk in fruit towers,
there sat some stationery with amazing powers
the pens could walk and the pencils could run,
the paperclips jigged and boogied, having such fun.
the rubbers would bounce, and the rulers would rest,
while the sellotape cartwheeled about in a jest.
however, amongst this mottly crew,
there was a dark secret that nobody knew....
the stapler, the stapler, well it was quite sour
it was a bit jealous of the Pritt sticks' great power
the stapler would chase the others around day and night
giving them all such terrible frights.
one night he chased Pritt, snapping with intention
so the Pritt stick implemented his planned intervention
he jumped up so high, and freedom was his
but with a great bump, the plan just de-fizzed
he'd seen the windows, but not the ceiling,
and now he had that "really quite stuck" feeling.
So that is the story of how the Pritt got stuck,
next time perhaps he will have better luck!

Simple - someone in the office had read that you should shake glue before using it to make sure that it is thoroughly mixed. The worker thought this applied to all glue, so thoroughly shook the glue stick, causing it to fly out of their hand and hit the ceiling. Since that day they have been secretly giggling to themself ever time someone mentions it.

we had a random roll of sellotape stuck to the ceiling it stayed there for weeks. Don't know who did it

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