mangoes and marmite

mangoes and marmite smoothie

Ever wondered what the fresh, sweet taste of mangoes and passion fruits would be like mixed with the distinctive, savoury kick of Marmite? Well, wonder no more, because we’ve added a dollop of the stuff to our classic smoothie and created a brand new limited edition recipe, mangoes & marmite. Lovers – you’d better stock up quick as it won’t be around for long. Haters – don’t worry, it’ll be gone soon enough.

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Is This A Aprils Fools Joke ? Even If It Isn't I Hate Marmite Anyway Where Do We Buy It If It's Real ?x

A whole new definition for m&m.
I generally dont like Marmite, but I'll give this a go, because of the mango flavour.
Since, I live local to innocent HQ, I'll pop by to pick up a sample from the reception fridge.

Cant wait....

April Fool!

This is the most wonderful news we have heard, EVER. Marmite is our savoury spread of choice and to find now that it has been combined with mangoes by innocent has just put chills down our spines. We have already blogged the news to all our followers on MumsMonkey ...... but are now fearful that we have started panic buying ..... for which we apologise. Now if only we could persuade innocent into diversifying and make mangoe and marmite chews ...... !!!

Ooh, mangoes and marmite - how strange, yet exciting (and quite possibly disgusting). How about mangoes and curry for the next experiment? After all, who doesn't love mango chutney with their chicken korma? It has to be another winner!

GENUINELY can't tell if this is an april fools, or if it's real and they put it out today to trick us into thinking it is!
Oh Innocent! I just don't know! But I'll try it if it's true! x

Yeah, it'll be gone tomorrow, I'm sure :-)
You know what, though - strawberries & balsamic vinegar; chocolate & chilli; carrot & coconut - in the culinary world, mango & marmite isn't the most off-the-wall idea. It might work in a soup.

This has to be an April Fool! For one thing, most companies don't work on Sundays and the date this went on was 1st April!!!

Interesting combination though.

Daughter was SO disappointed that it was only a joke..

Love the work you do and this is brilliant!

I will be using it in a lesson next week! I have uploaded it onto our Wiki! Thanks for this.

I don't think it is an April Fool, and if was, I wouldn't believe. This mouth watering Mango & Marmite is worth checking out.

I love Marmite, you could mix it with practically anything and I'd drink it!

not a massive fan of marmite, so i don't think i will be trying this. love the idea though!

if only this wasn't an april fool...would love to see it in the shops ha ha