Use your loaf


Drinking our drinks sometimes just isn't enough, and Rose got in touch to show us how she's getting creative with her bread making. For example, the dough on the left was made using some of our blackberies, raspberries and boysenberries smoothie as well as other essential ingredients. The end results can look like this :


This is no half-baked idea, so if you want to rise up to the challenge check out Doodle Bread where you can treat yourself to one of Rose's special bread making kits. Perfect when you don't want to loaf around during the holidays. Oh yeast.

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That is amazing - I must try that! I wonder if all goes well with smoothie, I could do the same with marmite... Mmmm

I'm intrigued and disgusted in equal measure at the thought of Marmite flavoured bread...

melted cheese on marmite toast! woop!

I like the bread based puns (buns), and I like marmite.

I love puns, buns but not marmite. If you haven't already, you should check out all the great designs Rose has created. This is one time you should raise your hopes. Oh crumbs, I really should stop.

This just in from Rose at Doodle Bread ....

I just wanted to tell you about our Halloweeny Doodle Bread giveaway, which I think your readers would appreciate because they can win Doodle Bread kits! Here's the info:

Here at Doodle Bread our favourite holiday is Halloween, and to celebrate, we'll be giving away Doodle Bread kits until the 31st October! It's dead (geddit?) easy.. all you need to do is keep checking our blog <a href=""></a> for the posts that show some doodle bread loaves and tell us what is halloweeny about this Doodle Bread?... our first post is there now!

To enter, just send us your answer in an email at and we'll pick the first winner by 12 noon GMT on Tuesday 20th October 2009 (using a random number generator) ... We've got 5 kits to give away so keep checking back for Halloween doodly fun...