sports day, innocent style


Sometimes pictures really do tell a better story than words ever could. This is one such occasion. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please put your hands together and shield your eyes as we present you with the horror and utter stupidity of the innocent Sports Day 2009.

Tom leapt like a pixie in the kiwi and spoon race (we don't keep many eggs in fruit towers).


The scoring was professional.


Wheelbarrow technique faultless.


Andy regretted wearing an all in one Jamaican bobsleigh team suit.


Everybody struggled with 'wibbly wobbly' (note Jeremy's angled running style).


Emma won best dressed.


And the shortest shorts competition was fearsome. And frightening. Fearsomely frightening.


(Overall winner was Sally - shielded here by Mark owing to the sheer indecency of her shorts)

World Athletics Championships shmanpionships.

If it's true sporting prowess you're after, forget Berlin, it's all about Ravenscourt Park on a Thursday afternoon.

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Well - you're Sports Day looks OK . . . but it doesn't stand up to our GMFA Gay Sports Day.
All in the name of Charity and all that :)

check out the video


"who wears short shorts?" "we wear short shorts..."

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We did a school sports day for our Summer party too!! Same kind of fun and games was brilliant!

What is Mark doing with that... thing?

=mind boggles=

(though if he's doing what I think he's doing, I kinda want to work for Innocent even more...)

My sports day was in Ravenscourt Park! Years ago...

That's really fun !
They were really enjoy each other's company.
Nice shots too. Keep posting !

They were really having some fun, Sport's Day is a great day for relaxing our essence and it's time to relax and be fit. Thanks for sharing this to us.