how to split a log with Ade from howies

Back in June we went to a very interesting conference called 'interesting 2007' that we told you about here. Our friend Ade from howies gave a great 3-minute talk on how to split a log properly. Living in the city you can sometimes lose touch with such skills so it's nice to get a reminder every now and again. Over to Ade (after a short introduction by Johnnie)...

If you liked that there are more interesting things here. We also liked this one about doing things you're good at.

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You changed the recipe on the mango smoothie without asking me. I don't like the new version and don't buy it any more. It is waaaay too sweet and I miss the kick I used to get from every bit of the old style one. I know you don't add sugar but you are taking the very nice new recipes dangerously close to syrupy. Please don't end up with stuff that feels bland/sugary/boring. and bring back the old style mango.